Bowling in Riyadh


Why do people play bowling

Bowling is a simple game relatively. When going to a place where it’s set to play bowling, all it takes for someone is rolling a ball to hit some lined wooden items placed at the end of the assigned lane. Also, kids, teenagers and older people can play this game, so it’s perfect for all the members of a family. In addition, bowling is usually for groups, so every lane has a couch to sit on, and these couches are usually fit for three people or more, in addition to a bunch of tables where friends can meet, talk and have snacks and something to drink. Bowling places are usually load, so it’s a perfect place for getting out of the quietness of routine weeks or spending the weekends. It’s also so much fun with its high competitiveness. It’s very normal to see the first person in the middle of a game finishes the game in the last place at least in the level of most people. With the entertaining competitiveness, there’s no need for many people to play together, but only two people are enough for all the joy of the game. Despite that, one person can play it alone, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Where do people play bowling in Riyadh

Searching in Google Maps will result in four bowling places in Riyadh. Two of them are located in the east side of Riyadh, and I’ve never been to neither of them. Also, two bowling places are located in the west side of Riyadh. The first is Strike Bowling Alley which located in the Ritz Carlton. Three or more years ago, I tried to play bowling there with a friend of mine. However, one of the employees there told us that bowling is only for hotel’s guests, but according to the hotel’s website, everyone can play bowling there, so I still hope to play there. The second, where I used to play bowling in, is Universal Bowling Center. There are about 30 bowling lanes, some of them are for men and the others are for women or families. The price per person is SAR 25, plus you can buy some snacks and drinks.

Last words about Bowling

Bowling is a fun game and appropriate for everyone which doesn’t need many preparation or much time, so why people in Riyadh rarely play bowling?

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